Glute Circuit

3-4 sets:

  • 20/15/10/8 HIP THRUSTS w/barbell, add weight each set of reps, band just above knees, chin tucked in, turn knees out at the top
  • 10 TRAP BAR/DUMBBELL SQUATS band just above knees, drive knees out and squeeze at the top
  • 10 ROTATIONAL DOUBLE DIP SQUATS w/heavy dumbbell, goblet grip, drive hip through to squeeze glute at the top and pause; each side
  • 10 ISOMETRIC HOLDS hold for 30 sec

Equipment needed:

  • Band
  • Barbell
  • Steps
  • Trap bar or set of dumbbells
  • Heavy dumbbell

*Always select appropriate weight for your level. Exercises should be incorporated into your routine every other day.

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